Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How To Make a Fringe T-Shirt

Hey guys! So the other day I was going to an America themed party.  I wanted to have a cute look but still stick with the theme and I thought this was an easy way to do it. Make sure to check the bottom for some tips that might help along the way.  Its super easy and anyone can do it.  I went to Walmart and bought this shirt for just over $5, then bought two colors of beads.  So, here is all you will need.

Step one:

Cut your shirt so there are strips of fringe hanging down.  Try and make them kind of even, don't worry about having the lines be completely straight.  With the bead weighing them down the bad sides will fold in.   Make sure to cut so that all of the strips start at the same point in a straight line, like the picture below.

Step two:

Step two is to put your bead on and pull it up, like the picture below.

Tie a knot, and pull it tight. Slide the bead back down after.


Tip one:

You may run into an issue with the bottom of your strand being too big.  Roll it diagonally and slide the bead through that way.

Tip two:

Make sure to do each side individually, that way you won't get the colors wrong when you alternate between bead colors.

The Finished Product

Thanks for reading and I hope this all worked for you. Happy crafting!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Key Hanger!

Hey guys, so this isn't a really extensive post.  I just wanted to show you all the key hanger that I made the other day.  I bought it unpainted at Walmart and just picked two colors of paint.  Paint a few coats and make sure to get the insides of the letters and the outside edges!  Once all of your coats have dried, take a pencil eraser, dip it in the polka dot colored paint and start to polka dot away! Once its dry you may have to go over some of your polka dots, I did.  Here is the result. Thank for reading and happy crafting!