Sunday, March 11, 2012

5 Steps To Making A Lace Picture Frame

Hi everyone! Here goes my first blog post.  Okay, so first I'm just going to show you guys something that I just made.  I have been on Pinterest a lot recently, obviously.  I kept seeing all these crafts with lace. Well, I've been dying to try and make something with a lace overlay.  This is going to teach you how to turn a boring, cheap picture frame into something adorable!

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First, the things that you will need.

A plain picture frame, preferably with matting inside to spice it up more!

Mod Podge, two foam brushes, paint (if you want), lace, and scissors. (I also added puffy paint) It is really important that you don't substitute the Mod Podge for any other kind of adhesive or sealer.  It is the key to the craft being a success with drying clear and the lace staying secured on the frame.

Step One:
Take the glass, matting, and back of the picture frame off before you do this. Lay a section of your lace over ONE SIDE of the picture frame. I do this craft one side at a time that way it looks cleaner and the measurements are always correct.

Step Two:

Cut the lace so that it looks just like this. Enough so that you can wrap it around the inside and back of the frame.  This is important to get a clean look at the end and no jagged edges.

Step Three:
Use your Mod Podge and foam brush.  Sponge the lace with the Mod Podge, don't be afraid to soak it down, the more you add the more it will stay (as long as it isn't so thick the lace won't stay when you sponge).  When you first do it the lace may seem to be white, but don't worry.  It will dry clear!

Step Four:

Make sure to wrap the lace all around the side of the picture frame that you are doing. Sponge the Mod Podge in the inside of the frame and the back of it.  It is super important that you do this so you have a clean look. When you are done with two of the four sides of the frame (done individually) it should look like the picture below.
And when you finish all four sides it will look like this picture below!

Step Five:

This part is optional, but I think that it completes the look.  If you have a picture frame that has matting, paint it! This is will add more color to the craft and make it look complete.  Down below is what it should look like when you are done! I added puffy paint to mine, but that is completely up to you.

                                            THE FINISHED PRODUCT!!
 I hope you all enjoyed this craft and were successful in making it. There will be more craft tutorials to come.  Good luck and happy crafting!

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